Tuesday, November 15, 2011

$3.8M donated for wildfire relief | KXAN.com

$3.8M donated for wildfire relief | KXAN.com: AUSTIN (AP) - Charity officials said more than $3.8 million has been donated for Central Texas wildfire victims since the blazes began Labor Day weekend.

Helping Thailand's flood victims with squeegees | CNNGo.com

Helping Thailand's flood victims with squeegees | CNNGo.com: Since July, more than 530 people have died in Thailand's floods. In response, volunteers from the foreign and local communities have mobilized a fundraising campaign called "Wipe the Tide."

This month, more than 200 volunteers (and counting) have hit the streets of the capital to take action and support Thailand residents during the severe flooding crisis. Their mission is to help flood victims and rebuild the city’s devastated areas by washing car windshields for donations.

Launched by Bangkok Vanguards, a local grassroots organization, Wipe the Tide began with nine volunteers posted at major traffic intersections. In less than two hours, they raised nearly 27,750 baht.