Monday, November 28, 2011

Saint Mary's prof composes 'Music for Haiti' -

Saint Mary's prof composes 'Music for Haiti' - effrey Jacob is no ordinary music teacher. The Saint Mary's College professor, a classically trained pianist, recorded the album "Music for Haiti" after witnessing the generous outpouring of help when an earthquake hit Haiti in 2010.

"I began this CD project in the days following the earthquake that destroyed the capital of Haiti and much of the island," he says. "Over 200,000 deaths were recorded along with at least as many serious injuries, making this one of the worst natural disasters in all recorded history. I was deeply moved by the suffering of the Haitians, but also the outpouring of international aid and cooperation, the heroic rescues, the almost unbearably touching scenes of family members reunited, the feelings expressed by many of hope for the future."