Sunday, August 31, 2008

Main Page - Hurricane Gustav Wiki

Main Page - Hurricane Gustav Wiki: "Hurricane Gustav

This is the wiki for information relating to Hurricane Gustav and its approach to the northern Gulf coast. It's intended to be centralized site for links to information everywhere else on the web; please publicize it far and wee. Information will be moved here as time progresses from the similar wiki built during and after Hurricane Katrina's landfall 3 years ago. Please be polite and patient in working with the wiki and the community it attracts, to the extent that you can, and hopefully, everyone will get through this one in one piece.

As usual, the main page of the wiki is protected against general editing. If you have a link you think belongs here, please put it on the Discussion page, and we'll triage it up here as soon as possible. If you want to help out on the wiki or the transcription project, please at least scan over the entire front page; there's lots of good meta here.

Please do not start adding new pages yet. We are still implementing structure and establishing best practices."

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