Monday, November 05, 2012

NYC Bars Struggle After Hurricane Sandy - Forbes

NYC Bars Struggle After Hurricane Sandy - Forbes: Those of you who have made it through the past week relatively unscathed, we humbly ask of you: please, support the local businesses that you want to see make it through 2012. Pay in cash, whenever possible. Tip generously. Tell your friends to do the same. A handful of bars in Lower Manhattan are already open for business thanks to the collective energies (and ice) of numerous bars in Brooklyn and upper Manhattan. If you want to get a jump start supporting your favorite local watering holes, here’s an updated list of bars open for business (including many in the Sandy zones). Similarly, Eater has been compiling a list of restaurants open for business.

Further, many bars and restaurants will be hosting fundraising events over the coming days and weeks, which we will try to keep track of on the Classic’s Facebook page. (Tonight, for example, Booker & Dax will be taking over Momofuku Ma Peche starting at 5pm to raise money for the American Red Cross.) Eater is also continually updating a page for fundraising events nationwide.

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