Thursday, March 11, 2010

Albany Student Press - UAlbany aids disaster-ridden nations

Albany Student Press - UAlbany aids disaster-ridden nations: "Chile, with such disasters in the country’s recent history, was better prepared and saw less devastation and considerably smaller death tolls (approximately 1,000). Chile’s economy is also strong enough (in spite of the earthquake, growth is still expected to be about 8 percent this year, and a good credit rating and a low inflation rate of 1.5 percent means it will be easy to get loans) that the government there should be able to finance relief efforts without foreign donations.

The response to Haiti here at the University of Albany has been substantial: after seven weeks of fundraising, the student body has donated $26,429 to UAlbany’s Haiti Relief Fund, with the University Auxiliary Services matching one-for-one to raise a total of $52,859 disbursed over three charities: The Clinton Bush Fund, Yéle Haiti and Partners in Health."

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